Karaiskakis George

Professor Emeritus

Tel: (+302610) 997144

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Web Page: http://www.chem.upatras.gr/faculty/karaiskakis

Curriculum Vitae

Academic Qualifications
1967-1971: Undergraduate student, Department of Chemistry, University of Patras, Greece
1977: Ph.D in Chemistry, University of Patras
1979-1980: Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, University of Utah, USA 1982: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Patras
1986: Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Patras
1990-present: Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Patras

Scientific Publications / Citations: He has published over 110 research papers in International Scientific Journals and presented another 60 in International Meetings in the research areas of "physical chemistry of interfaces" and "characterization of colloidal materials and macromolecules". The papers were cited approximately 800 times (without self-citations). He is permanent member of the Editorial Board of the International Scientific Journals "Journal of Liquid Chromatography & Related Technologies" and "Instrumentation Science and Technology". He has been Guest Editor of the Journal of Liquid Chromatography on volume 20 (16 & 17) (1997). He is the author of 6 books, circulated by Greek and American publishers. He has been referee of scientific papers in twelve international journals.

Other Activities: General Director of the Hellenic Industry of Weapons in Aigio, Greece (1991-1993). Member of the administrative board of the central administration of the Hellenic Industry of Weapons (1990-1993). Director of the section of Physical, Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Patras (1991-1993, 1998-1999). President of the committee of research and member of the administrative committee of the Hellenic Open University (2005-today). Member of the National Board of Research and Technology at the section of "Physics, Chemistry and Materials" (2005-today).


He is active on many national and european grants. He has taught Physical Chemistry at students of the departments of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geology, Pharmacology of Patras University (1977-today).

Research Activities

Physical Chemistry of Interfaces - Characterization of Materials - Environmental Pollution - Food Chemistry.

Representative Publications

  • Raikos, J. Kapolos, L. Farmakis, A. Koliadima, G. Karaiskakis
    The use of sedimentation field-flow fractionation in the size characterization of bovine milk fat globules as affected by heat treatment.
    Food Res. Int., 42, 659 (2009).
  • Ch. Lainioti, J. Kapolos, A. Koliadima, G. Karaiskakis
    New separation methodologies for the distinction of the growth phase of Sacharomyces cerevisiae cell cycle.
    J. Chromatogr. A, 1217, 1813 (2010).
  • Ch. Lainioti, J. Kapolos, L. Farmakis, A. Koliadima, G. Karaiskakis
    Kinetic study of the alcoholic fermentation process in the presence of free and immobilized Saccharomyces Cerevisiae cells, at different initial glucose concentrations by reversed flow GC.
    Chromatographia, 72 (11-12), 1149 (2010).
  • Raikos, S. S. Vamvakas, J. Kapolos, A. Koliadima, G. Karaiskakis
    Identification and characterization of microbial contaminants isolated from stored aviation fuels by DNA sequencing and restriction fragment length analysis of a PCR-amplified region of the 16S rRNAm gene.
    Fuel, 90 (2), 695 (2011).
  • Gavril, A. Georgaka, G. Karaiskakis
    Kinetic study of oxygen adsorption over nanosized Au/γ-Al2O3 supported catalysts, under selective CO oxidation conditions.
    Molecules, 17 (5), 4878 (2012).
  • Raikos, S. S. Vamvakas, D. Sevastos, J. Kapolos, A. Koliadima, G. Karaiskakis
    Water content, temperature and biocide effects on the growth kinetics of bacteria isolated from JP-8 aviation fuel storage tanks.
    Fuel, 93, 559 (2012).
  • Bakaoukas, D. Sevastos, J. Kapolos, A. Koliadima, G. Karaiskakis
    Characterization of Polymeric Coatings in Terms of Their Ability to Protect Marbles and Clays against Corrosion from Sulfur Dioxide by Inverse Gas Chromatography
    International Journal of Polymer Analysis and Characterization, 18 (6), 401 (2013).
  • Kenta, V. Raikos, A. Vagena, D. Sevastos, J. Kapolos, A. Koliadima, G. Karaiskakis
    Kinetic study of aggregation of milk protein and/or surfactant-stabilized oil-in-water emulsions by Sedimentation Field-Flow Fractionation
    J. Chromatogr. A,  1305, 221 (2013).
  • Sarigiannis, J. Kapolos, A. Koliadima, T. Tsegenidis, G. Karaiskakis
    Ochratoxin A levels in Greek retail wines
    Food Control, 42, 139 (2014).
  • S. Agriopoulou, A. Koliadima, G. Karaiskakis, J. Kapolos
    Kinetic study of aflatoxins’ degradation in the presence of ozone
    Food Control, 61, 221 (2016).

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