Fully funded International PhD Programs in Life Sciences in Switzerland

Life Science Zurich Graduate School offers more than 100 funded PhD positions. With around 500 research groups and more than 1600 Ph.D. students, Life Science Zurich Graduate School is one of the largest graduate schools in Europe. It has 17 highly competitive PhD programs and is jointly run by the ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich

Our PhD positions are generously funded, and we provide the students with a challenging training environment, a clear mentoring system and the opportunity to perform leading-edge research. Zurich offers not only a highly recognized research area, but also enjoys an excellent reputation as being one of the international cities with the world’s best standard of living. 

With a MSc Degree in Life Sciences, an excellent track record and good English skills candidates are welcome to apply to one of our PhD programs! 

Interested? Complete  Application online until November 12023 

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Dept of Chemistry
University of Patras
University Campus
Rio Achaias
26504 Greece
Tel: (+302610) 996202 & 996205 (postsec), 996203 & 996204 (gradsec)

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