2010-Division B: Physical, Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry

  1. Title: Kinetic Study of the Alcoholic Fermentation Process, in the Presence of Free and Immobilized Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Cells, at Different Initial Glucose Concentrations by Reversed Flow GC
    Author(s): Lainioti, GC; Kapolos, J; Farmakis, L, et al.
    Source: CHROMATOGRAPHIA Volume: 72 Issue: 11-12 Pages: 1149-1156 Published: 2010
  2. Title: New separation methodologies for the distinction of the growth phases of Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell cycle
    Author(s): Lainioti, GC; Kapolos, J; Koliadima, A, et al.
    Source: JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A Volume: 1217 Issue: 11 Pages: 1813-1820 Published: 2010
  3. Title: In Search for Titanocene Complexes with Improved Cytotoxic Activity: Synthesis, X-Ray Structure, and Spectroscopic Study of Bis(eta(5)-cyclopentadienyl)difluorotitanium(IV)
    Author(s): Koleros, E; Stamatatos, TC; Psycharis, V, et al.
    Source: BIOINORGANIC CHEMISTRY AND APPLICATIONS Article Number: 914580 Published: 2010
  4. Title: Synthesis, X-Ray Structure, and Characterization of Catena-bis(benzoate)bis{N,N-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)glycinate}cadmium(II)
    Author(s): Katsoulakou, E; Konidaris, KF; Raptopoulou, CP, et al.
    Source: BIOINORGANIC CHEMISTRY AND APPLICATIONS Article Number: 281932 Published: 2010
  5. Title: Synthesis, Crystal Structures, and DNA Binding Properties of Zinc(II) Complexes with 3-Pyridine Aldoxime
    Author(s): Konidaris, KF; Papi, R; Katsoulakou, E, et al.
    Source: BIOINORGANIC CHEMISTRY AND APPLICATIONS Article Number: 803424 Published: 2010
  6. Title: Synthetic Peptides as Structural Maquettes of Angiotensin-I Converting Enzyme Catalytic Sites
    Author(s): Spyranti, Z; Galanis, AS; Pairas, G, et al.
    Source: BIOINORGANIC CHEMISTRY AND APPLICATIONS Article Number: 820476 Published: 2010
  7. Title: A tetrahedron in a cube: a dodecanuclear Zn-II benzoate cluster from the use of 2-pyridinealdoxime
    Author(s): Konidaris, KF; Katsoulakou, E; Kaplanis, M, et al.
    Source: DALTON TRANSACTIONS Volume: 39 Issue: 19 Pages: 4492-4494 Published: 2010
  8. Title: Higher order multipolar polarizabilities of carbon tetrafluoride from isotropic and anisotropic light scattering experiments
    Author(s): El-Kader, MSA; Bancewicz, T; Maroulis, G
    Source: JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR STRUCTURE Volume: 984 Issue: 1-3 Pages: 262-267 Published: 2010
  9. Title: Validation of a model for the interaction-induced long-range first hyperpolarizability
    Author(s): Bancewicz, T; Maroulis, G
    Source: CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS Volume: 498 Issue: 4-6 Pages: 349-352 Published: 2010
  10. Title: Interaction Electric Hyperpolarizability Effects in Weakly Bound H2O center dot center dot center dot Rg (Kg = He, Ne, Ar, Kr and Xe) Complexes
    Author(s): Haskopoulos, A; Maroulis, G
    Source: JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A Volume: 114 Issue: 33 Pages: 8730-8741 Published: 2010
  11. Title: Polarizability and hyperpolarizability of COS and NNO
    Author(s): Maroulis, G; Menadakis, M
    Source: CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS Volume: 494 Issue: 4-6 Pages: 144-149 Published: 2010
  12. Title: Interaction induced electric dipole moment and (hyper)polarizability in the dihydrogen-helium pair
    Author(s): Haskopoulos, A; Maroulis, G
    Source: CHEMICAL PHYSICS Volume: 367 Issue: 2-3 Pages: 127-135 Published: 2010
  13. Title: Novel composites materials from functionalized polymers and silver coated titanium oxide capable for calcium phosphate induction, control of orthopedic biofilm infections: an "in vitro" study
    Author(s): Tyllianakis, M; Dalas, E; Christofidou, M, et al.
    Source: JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN MEDICINE Volume: 21 Issue: 7 Pages: 2201-2211 Published: 2010
  14. Title: Indoor radon measurements in a Greek city located in the vicinity of lignite-fired power plants
    Author(s): Manousakas, M; Fouskas, A; Papaefthymiou, H, et al.
    Source: RADIATION MEASUREMENTS Volume: 45 Issue: 9 Pages: 1060-1067 Published: 2010
  15. Title: Elemental concentrations in sediments of the Patras Harbour, Greece, using INAA, ICP-MS and AAS
    Author(s): Papaefthymiou, H; Papatheodorou, G; Christodoulou, D, et al.
    Source: MICROCHEMICAL JOURNAL Volume: 96 Issue: 2 Pages: 269-276 Published: 2010
  16. Title: Scale-up of Thermally Dried Kefir Production as Starter Culture for Hard-Type Cheese Making: An Economic Evaluation
    Author(s): Koutinas, AA; Bekatorou, A; Katechaki, E, et al.
    Source: APPLIED BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY Volume: 160 Issue: 6 Pages: 1734-1743 Published: 2010

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