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Curriculum Vitae

1974-1979 Graduate studies in the Department of Chemistry of the University of Patras
1981-85 Research Assistant, Department of Chemistry, University of Patras
1985-1987 Hellenic Air Force, Chemical Laboratory of the Aircraft Industry
1987 Ph.D. in Radiochemistry.
1988-1990 and 1991-94, Lecturer in Chemistry Department, University of Patras
1990-91 Sabbatical leave at Department of Chemistry of Florida State University, USA
1994-now Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Patras


a) Principles and Applications of Nuclear Chemistry (for students of Department of Chemistry).
b) Physical Chemistry (for students of Department of Biology)
c) Radiobiology (for students of Department of Biology)
d) General Chemistry (for students of Department of Geology)

Participation to the course entitled “Technological Applications of Functional Materials” for the M.Sc. program of the department entitled “Chemistry and Technology of Materials with Applications in Industry, Energy and the Environment”.

Research Activities

(1) Sorption of heavy metals or radionuclides from liquid phase onto solid substrate being formed from:

i) micro-organisms, which co-exist in foods (especially probiotic) aiming to investigate the uptake mechanism of pollutant and the potential usage of these microorganisms as detoxification means, in cases of contamination in food chain.
ii) by products or even wastes from agro-industrial processes aiming at:

a) exploration of the procedure, by means of determination of its kinetic and thermodynamic parameters.
b) effective removal of heavy metals and radionuclides from liquid ecosystems and exploitation of these materials as low cost sorbents.

(2) Monitoring of natural and artificial environmental radioactivity by determination of long lived a- and γ- emitters especially in liquid ecosystems (e.g. medicinal/ therapeutic baths, drinking water) or soil samples (peat, fertilizers)

(3) Development of rapid methods for radionuclides’ separation and determination applied under urgent conditions.

Representative Publications

  • Studies on the separation of Ra(II), U(VI) and Eu(III) from aqueous solution using MnO2-resin
    Athina Fidaki, Basil D. Symeopoulos, Melpomeni Prodromou and Ioannis Pashalidis
    Journal of Radioanaytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 318(3), 2189–2192 (2018)
  • Significance of age, temperature, and aeration of yeast cell culture for the biosorption of europium from aquatic systems
    Anagnostopoulos, V.A., Symeopoulos, B.D.
    Desalination and Water Treatment 57(9), 3957-3963 (2016)
  • Biosorption of U(VI) from aqueous systems by Malt Spent Rootlets. Kinetic, equilibrium and speciation studies
    V. Anagnostopoulos, B. Symeopoulos, K. Bourikas, A. Bekatorou
    International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 13(1), 285-296 (2016)
  • Removal of U(VI) from Aquatic Systems, Using Winery By-Products as Biosorbents: Equilibrium, Kinetic and Speciation Studies
    Vasileios A. Anagnostopoulos, Petros G. Koutsoukos and Basil D. Symeopoulos
    Water Air Soil Pollut.  226(4), 107 (2015)
  • Sorption of europium by malt spent rootlets, a low cost biosorbent: effect of pH, kinetics and equilibrium studies
    V.A. Anagnostopoulos., B.D. Symeopoulos,
    Journal of Radioanaytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 295(1), 7-13 (2013)
  • Selective separation of radium and uranium from aqueous solutions by Chelex-100
    Tasoula Kiliari, Ioannis Pashalidis, Basil D. Symeopoulos
    Journal of Radioanaytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 292, 1273–1276 (2012)
  • Contribution to interpretation of metal uptake dependence upon the growth phase of microorganisms. The case of uranium (VI) uptake by common yeasts, cultivated at different temperatures, with or without aeration
    V.A. Anagnostopoulos., A. Bekatorou, B.D. Symeopoulos,
    Journal of Radioanaytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 287(2), 665-671 (2011)
  • Effect of growth conditions on biosorption of Cadmium and Copper by yeast cells.
    V.A. Anagnostopoulos, B.D. Symeopoulos, M.J. Soupioni                                                                                    
    GLOBAL NEST J. 12(3), 288-295, (2010)
  • A comparative study of neodymium sorption by yeast cells
    A. Vlachou, B. D. Symeopoulos, A. A. Koutinas
    Radiochimica Acta 97, 437-441 (2009)
  • Neutron activation analysis and natural radioactivity measurements of lignite and ashes from Megalopolis basin, Greece
    H. Papaefthymiou, B.D. Symeopoulos, M. Soupioni
    Journal of Radioanaytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 274(1), 123-130 (2007)

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