The department of Chemistry, from his foundation in 1966 and up to today, constitutes one of the most important educational and research units of the University Patras. Is staffed with high scientific personnel, improves permanently his infrastructures and continues his dynamic course of growth having as first priorities the undergraduate and postgraduate education, as well as the production of qualitative and innovative research work of high level.

Research in the Department of Chemistry is at the forefront of modern science, both in the core chemical discipline (inorganic, organic, physical and analytical chemistry) and as a key element of life, environmental and materials sciences (biochemistry, pathobiochemistry and biochemical analysis, synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, catalysis and interfacial chemistry, food chemistry and biotechnology, polymer science, structural and environmental chemistry). The faculty members are active in all aspects of the chemical sciences and in constant collaboration with Universities, Research Institutes and Industry in Europe, Asia and USA.

In the website of the Department you will find information for the under- and postgraduate study programs, the research activities of the faculty members, useful announcements, as well as links with websites with interesting issues.