2010-Division A: Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry and Natural Products

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  3. Title: An efficient synthesis of a rationally designed 1,5 disubstituted imidazole AT(1) Angiotensin II receptor antagonist: reorientation of imidazole pharmacophore groups in losartan reserves high receptor affinity and confirms docking studies
    Author(s): Agelis, G; Roumelioti, P; Resvani, A, et al.
    Source: JOURNAL OF COMPUTER-AIDED MOLECULAR DESIGN Volume: 24 Issue: 9 Pages: 749-758 Published: 2010
  4. Title: Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of non-peptide PAR(1) thrombin receptor antagonists based on small bifunctional templates: arginine and phenylalanine side chain groups are keys for receptor activity
    Author(s): Androutsou, ME; Saifeddine, M; Hollenberg, MD, et al.
    Source: AMINO ACIDS Volume: 38 Issue: 4 Pages: 985-990 Published: 2010
  5. Title: NMR structural elucidation of myelin basic protein epitope 83-99 implicated in multiple sclerosis
    Author(s): Spyranti, Z; Tselios, T; Deraos, G, et al.
    Source: AMINO ACIDS Volume: 38 Issue: 3 Pages: 929-936 Published: 2010
  6. Title: Synthesis of the Proteinase Inhibitor LEKTI Domain 6 by the Fragment Condensation Method and Regioselective Disulfide Bond Formation
    Author(s): Vasileiou, Z; Barlos, KK; Gatos, D, et al.
    Source: BIOPOLYMERS Volume: 94 Issue: 3 Pages: 339-349 Published: 2010
  7. Title: An optimized chemical synthesis of human relaxin-2
    Author(s): Barlos, KK; Gatos, D; Vasileiou, Z, et al.
    Source: JOURNAL OF PEPTIDE SCIENCE Volume: 16 Issue: 4 Pages: 200-211 Published: 2010
  8. Title: Does conjugation of antioxidants improve their antioxidative/anti-inflammatory potential?
    Author(s): Hadjipavlou-Litina, D; Magoulas, GE; Bariamis, SE, et al.
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  9. Title: Synthetic studies toward the development of novel minoxidil analogs and conjugates with polyamines
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    Source: TETRAHEDRON LETTERS Volume: 51 Issue: 15 Pages: 1989-1993 Published: 2010
  10. Title: Syntheses and evaluation of the antioxidant activity of acitretin analogs with amide bond(s) in the polyene spacer
    Author(s): Hadjipavlou-Litina, D; Magoulas, GE; Krokidis, M, et al.
    Source: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY Volume: 45 Issue: 1 Pages: 298-310 Published: 2010
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    Eur J Med Chem Dec
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    Planta Med Aug
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