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Deimede Chrysovalado


Assistant Professor

Tel: (+302610) 962958

Fax: (+302610) 997122


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Contact hours: 10:00-11:00 daily

Curriculum Vitae

2012-present: Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, University of Patras
2006-2011: Researcher, Advent Technologies, Patras Science Park
2006-2007: Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, University of Patras
2004-2006: Post doctoral researcher, Department of Chemistry, University of Patras
2005-2006: Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, University of Patras
2004-2005: Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Material Science, University of Patras
2003-2004: Post doctoral researcher, FORTH-ICE/HT (Institute of Chemical Engineering and high Temperature Chemical Processes)
2002-2003: Post doctoral researcher, Max-Planck Institute for Polymer Research (Mainz, Germany).
2001-2002: Post doctoral researcher, Department of Chemistry, University of Patras
1998-2001: Ph.D. Thesis, “Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of rigid polymers and their blends for use in fuel cells”, Department of Chemistry, University of Patras
1993-1997: Diploma in Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Patras

1. JOULE JOR3-CT97-0045.   “Advanced Solid Polymer Fuel Cells for Operation at Temperatures up to 200°C“, partners: CLC s.r.l. (I), Denmarks Techniske Universitet, Department of Chemistry (DK),  FORTH/ICE-HT (1998-2001)
2. GROWTH G5RD-CT-2001-00568. “Specialty Antimicrobial Polymeric Materials“ , partners: ARGO SA, FORTH/ICE-HT, ULG, GAIKER, NAFC, POLISILK, LSP, ROMVAC, University of Erlagen (2001-2004)
3. PYTHAGORAS (EPEAEK ΙΙ). “Synthesis and characterization of polymeric membranes for use in low and intermediate temperature PEMFC”, Department of Chemistry, University of Patras (2004-2006)
4. IRAFC FCH-JU 245202. “Development of an Internal Reforming Alcohol High Temperature PEM Fuel Cell Stack”, Partners: Advent Technologies S.A., IMM, CNRS, Nedstack, University of Maria Curie-Sklodowska, FORTH-ICE/HT (2010-2012)
5. DENANES 09ΣΥΝ-42-420. “Development of nanomaterials for lithium batteries”, Partners: FORTH-ICE/HT, SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S. A., Department of Chemistry/University of Patras (2011-2013)
6. Project Karatheodori 2013 (F.Κ. Ε052). “Development of alkaline polymer electrolytes bearing phosphonium groups”, funded by: Research Committee, University of Patras, (Scientific Coordinator: V. Deimede, (2014-2017).
7. SMARTPRO (SEC 607295). “Lightweight, flexible and smart protective clothing for law enforcement personnel”, funded by EU (FP7-SEC-2013-1). Partners: FORTH, MIRTEC S. A., LEITAT, NTT, SIAMIDIS S. A., RWTH, BCB International Ltd, SOLIANI EMC, INT, CIMA S.A. (2014-2017).

Publications in international peer review journals: 27
Publications in conference Proceedings: 20
Citations >730
h-index: 14
Patents: 5


Ι) undergraduate courses

  • Physical Processes of Chemical Technology”(laboratory course)
  • “Polymer Science”
  • “Chemistry” (Department of Physics, University of Patras)
  • “Materials Chemistry and Technology” (laboratory course)

ΙΙ) Post-graduate courses

  • Lectures on “Characterization techniques for nanostructured materials» (Post Graduate Program in “Advanced Polymeric and nanostructured materials”, Department of Chemistry, University of Patras)
  • Lectures on “Purification Techniques and Verification/Characterization of synthetic products” and “Literature Overview and Research Methodology”, Postgraduate Studies Programme entitled “Synthetic Chemistry”, Department of Chemistry, University of Patras.

Research Activities

  • Synthesis and characterization of polymeric membranes for use in proton exchange  membrane fuel cells (PEMFC)
  • Development of alkaline exchange membranes for use in alkaline fuel cells (AEMs) or electrolysers
  • Design and development of polymeric membranes to be used as polymeric electrolytes or separators in lithium ion batteries
  • Development of new polymeric membranes for gas separation


  • V. Deimede, G. A. Voyiatzis, J. K. Kallitsis, L. Qingfeng and N. J. Bjerrum
    Miscibility Behavior of Polybenzimidazole/Sulfonated Polysulfone Blends for Use in Fuel Cell Applications
    Macromolecules 33, 7609-7619 (2000)
  • C. Hasiotis, L. Qingfeng, V. Deimede, J. K. Kallitsis, C. G. Kontoyannis and N. J. Bjerrum
    Development and Characterization of Acid-Doped Polybenzimidazole/ Sulfonated Polysulfone Blend Polymer Electrolytes for Fuel Cells
    J. Electrochem. Soc. 148(5), A513-Α519 (2001)
  • V. Deimede and J. K. Kallitsis
    Synthesis of Alternating Polystyrene/Poly (ethylene oxide) Branched Polymacromonomers
    Chem. Eur. J. 8, 467-473 (2002)
  • E.K. Pefkianakis, V. Deimede, M.K. Daletou, N. Gourdoupi, and J.K. Kallitsis
    Novel Polymer Electrolyte Membrane for Application in High Temperature Fuel Cells
    Macromol. Rapid Commun. 26, 1724-1728 (2005)
  • Valadoula A. Deimede* and Joannis K. Kallitsis
    Synthesis of Poly(arylene ether) Copolymers Containing Pendant PEO Groups and Evaluation of Their Blends as Proton Conductive Membranes
    Macromolecules 38(23), 9594-9601 (2005)
  • A. Kroeger, V. Deimede, J. Belack, I. Lieberwirth, G. Fytas, G. Wegner
    Equilibrium length and shape of rod-like polyelectrolyte micelles in dilute aqueous solution
    Macromolecules 40, 105-115 (2007)
  • M. Geormezi, V. Deimede, N. Gourdoupi, N. Triantafyllopoulos, S. Neophytides, J. Kallitsis
    Novel pyridine-based poly(ether sulfones) and their study in high temperature PEM fuel cells
    Macromolecules, 41, 9051-9056 (2008)
  • Α. Voege, V. Deimede, J. K. Kallitsis
    Side Chain Cross-linking of Aromatic Polyethers for High Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFCs)
    J. Polym. Sci. Part A: Polym. Chem. 50, 207-216 (2012)
  • Vöge, V. Deimede, J. K. Kallitsis
    Synthesis and properties of alkaline stable pyridinium containing anion exchange membranes
    RSC Adv. 4, 45040 (2014)
  • V. Deimede*, A. Vöge, G. Lainioti, C. Elmasides, J. K. Kallitsis
    Large Scale Separators Based on Blends of Aromatic Polyethers with PEO for Lithium-Ion Batteries: Improving Thermal Shrinkage and Wettability Behavior”
    Energy Technol. 2, 275 (2014)
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