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  • A.N.Papathanassiou, J.Grammatikakis, J.Sakellis, S.Sakkopoulos, E.Vitoratos, E.Dalas
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    Applied Physics Letters 87, 154107-1/3 (2005).
  • A.Chrissanthopoulos, N.P.Tzanetos, A.K.Andreopoulou, J.Kallitsis, E.Dalas
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    The inhibition of calcium carbonate crystal growth by the cysteine-rich Mdm2 peptide
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  • E. Vitoratos, S. Sakkopoulos, E. Dalas, P. Malkaj, Ch. Anestis
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    Current Applied Physics, 7,578-581 (2007).
  • P. Malkaj, E. Dalas, D.G. Kanellopoulou, A. Chrissanthopoulos, D. Sevastos
    Calcite particles formation, in the presense of soluble polyvinyl-alcohol matrix
    Powder Technology, 177,71-76 (2007).
  • J. Kanakis, A. Chrissanthopooulos, N.P.Tzanetos, J.K.Kallitsis, E.Dalas
    Crystalization of Hydroxyapatite on Oxadiazole-Based Homopolymers
    Crystal Growth & Design,6,1547-1552 (2006).
  • E. Dalas, P.Malkaj, Z. Vasileiou, D.G. Kanellopoulou
    The effect of Leucine on the crystal growth of calcium phosphate
    J.Mater.Sci.Mater.Med.,19.277-282 (2008).

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